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Welcome to TheArkVehicle.

The Ark Vehicle Trading and General Merchandise Inc. was founded in the year 2017. The company understands that owning a brand new vehicle is burdensome to a lot of people. That is the reason why we exist! We developed an innovative and revolutionized program to help Filipinos secure their dream vehicle without having to worry about high monthly amortization.

Our programs were carefully planned and executed in order to make sure that our clients can have the best deal the market can offer. Over the years, our reach spread throughout the country attracting thousands of clients and partners nationwide.

We engage into different kinds of business that involves sales, trading and acquisition. From cars and motorcycles, our coverage now also includes heavy equipments and agricultural machineries of various brands and variants. We continue to innovate in order to cater every Filipino needs as much as possible. We believe that as we help others, all of us will also progress.

Today, despite the pandemic, our company was able to help thousands of individuals across the country acquire their dream vehicle at a very affordable cost. Our goal is not just to make money but to help you acquire your dream vehicle without having to worry about high car amortizations each month!
We also cater services for cars and motorcycles at an affordable price through our innovative system and program. We aim to be the leading ONE-STOP SHOP of all types of automobile in the country; catering our services through professional and long-term partnerships with other known automobile brands and dealerships.
Our Culture. Our Values.

Our Company


We pioneer an innovative system that created a revolution in the automotive dealership in the country.


We take into careful consideration all possible issues that may arise in the future and resolve them with our clients in the most convenient way possible.


Our company aims to provide not only financial breakthrough, but also spiritual nourishment to all our constituents.


This is where our company was built upon. We build up trust and confidence with our clients and partners over the years.

Reliable. Authentic.

Our Mission & Vision


We aim to provide high-quality and affordable services, create and cultivate a long-term relationship with our clients, and achieve complete client satisfaction by continuously improving our services.


To be a leading global company that helps people achieve the automobile of their dreams at an affordable price, creating an innovative system in the automobile dealership.

The process. How to proceed.

TheArk's Way

1. Inquire
Know our program. Get in touch with our certified agents or fill up our INQUIRE NOW FORM.
2. Requirements
Submit all the requirements and deposit your initial downpayment. Our accredited agents will assist you during the whole process.
3. Approval
Wait for approval from your loan bank and dealership. You will receive a message or call from the bank once your application has been approved. The dealership will also contact you once your unit is available.
4. Release
Go to the designated dealership together with our certified agent and manager and deposit the remaining balance of the downpayment. You just need to fill up the release forms. Then, you can drive off with your BRAND NEW vehicle.

Frequenly Ask & Questions.

What variant of cars are available?

All variants/brands of cars are available except for luxury cars.

What variant of cars are available?

All variants/brands of cars are available except for luxury cars.

What if I already have a bank approval?

Just prepare the following requirements:
- Credit Information Form-The Ark
- 2 Valid ID
- 10%processing fee of 30 % Down payment.

If the approval was processed through Bank
- Branch of Bank
- Location of the Bank

If the approval was processed through Dealership
- Specific branch of Dealership
- Location of Dealership
- Specific unit of the Vehicle

What are the requirements for instalment?

- Fill up The Ark Credit Information Form
- 2 Valid ID
- Pay 10% processing fee of the 30% Down payment.
- Sign Contract to Process & Deliver

What are the requirements for Transfer of Car Loan?

- The Ark Credit Information Form
- 2 Valid ID
- Deed of sale with Right of the Repurchase upon Down Payment
- Copy of Account Number
- Copy of Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration
- Copy of Chattel Mortgage with your Bank

What are the requirements for full cash payment?

- Fill up The Ark Credit Information Form
- 2 Valid ID
- Full Payment
- Signed Contract to Process & Deliver with Agreement to Enter in Installment Program

Do you have an in-house car loan at the Ark Vehicle?

Currently we don’t have an in-house car loan approval, but we do facilitate the processing of your car loan bank approval.

What are the requirements for OFW?

- Fill up The Ark Credit Information Form
- 2 Valid ID
- Contract of Employment
- Philippine Government (2 Valid ID)
- Proof of Remittance
- Pay 10% processing fee of the 30% Down payment.* Downpayment depends on the unit you are getting.

Who can be the primary applicant?

In case the client is in the Philippines
- The client whose name appeared in the bank approval

In case of OFW
- OFW Applicant/Recipient of Remittance
* In case that the client is already abroad, the client should not be the primary applicant for the car loan bank approval. However, the recepient of the remittance may stand as the primary applicant.

Who can be the co-maker?

- If married the spouse residing in the Philippines must be the co-maker.
- If widow/not married parents/siblings residing in the Philippines should be the co-maker.

After passing the requirements to the Ark Vehicle and deposit 10% of Down payment through PHB WorX, what’s the next step to do?

For applications awaiting for Bank approval
- wait for a call from the bank regarding the car loan applicationFor applications that already has Bank approval
- The Ark Vehicle will process the transfer of Bank approval from your Dealership to the Ark Vehicle.

Can a foreigner purchase a car in the Ark Vehicle?

Yes, if he/she has Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) with Work Permit.

In what specific bank should I get an approval for car loan?

Any Bank in the Philippines

Where is the location for the releasing of automobile?

NCR clients The vehicle shall be released in Manila.OTHER REGIONS clients The Ark Vehicle shall communicate with you regarding the location of the vehicle releasing.

How long does it take for the vehicle to be release?

- 30-45 days for clients that need extra time bank approval
- 3-10 days for bankable clients

What are the requirements for processing of bank approval for the release of the vehicle?

- Certificate of Employment
- Proof of Billing
- Open a Bank account in the approving bank unless you have an existing bank account.


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